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Brazil – country of warm people and carnival

The first association related to Brazil is most commonly the carnival. Most people see this country from this perspective. Although, the carnival in many ways represents the character of the people living in Brazil, on the business plan, things are not so relaxed.

Although Brazil is a country with tropical climate and “constant summer” business dressing is strictly defined and represents suits for men and business costumes for women. The interesting fact related to men’s dressing is the fact that in Brazil, three-part suits are destined for individuals working on executive positions, while two-part suits are characteristic for workers on lower positions. In women, nurtured hands and nails are of specific importance.

Non-verbal communication in Brazil is the best illustration of character and warmth of the people. Touching of hands, back and elbows is very common in communication. Invasions in conversation are considered a sign of enthusiasm and jokes and informalities are a constituent part of the conversation. Conversations usually start informally and sometimes with very personal topics. Brazilians highly appreciate personal relationships before concluding business and it is necessary to invest long-term resources in time and money to ensure successful business negotiations.

In business, the most important person to Brazilians is the one that they are negotiating with. Negotiations most commonly begin with people on lower positions and the executives come in later on. Although a great number of Brazilians fluently speak English, it is a good idea to engage a Portuguese translator later on in the negotiations so that possible misinterpretations could be avoided.

The best possible definition of Brazilian business culture could in the end be the tight bond between the culture and character of the people with strictly defined rules of the modern business world. Different business situations call for a different approach. As Brazil has in the current years become one of the most interesting markets for investors all over the world, it is very important to know the customs and business culture of this country in creating a market advantage and gaining the success you wanted.

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