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Our Team

Leila Parić was born on 16 August 1984 in Zagreb. She graduated in 2008 from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Zagreb, Major in speech and language pathology. That same year she founded her own company Prospera Viva d.o.o. that provides services in family counselling, speech therapy and psychotherapy.

Last year she entered into education in Integrative psychotherapy at the Clinical Hosiptal in Dubrava in Zagreb under the supervision of professor Kozarić-Kovačić and NLPt at the Clinical Hospital Zagreb under the supervision of professor Jakovljević. She is currently at the end of her NLPt education and is enrolled in the second year of her education for an Integrative psychotherapist.

Leila Parić is also a native speaker of the English language and has finished the International IB programme. Taking that into consideration, we can offer you our services in the form of medical tourism in Croatia and medical treatment in Croatia as well as coaching being that the mental health care services have more competitive prices than the ones in other European countries. All of our medical treatment and medical tourism services and coaching are held in the English language.

Contact us with trust!

The main standard and principle of our work is based on the trust between the client and the therapist and above all the principle of confidentiality and discretion.