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Our Services

Speech and language therapy

  • treatment of pronunciation and vocal disorders
  • school preparations
  • treatment of stuttering and precipitateness
  • treatment of reading and writing disorders
  • work with vocal professionals on the development of verbal

and non-verbal communication skills

Integrative psychotherapy

  • treatment of traumas and phobias
  • relationship therapy
  • treatment of depression, mania and psychosis
  • treatment of ADHD

Neuro-linguistic programming therapy (NLPt)

  • treatment of phobia and conflicts
  • relationship therapy
  • work on self-esteem and overcoming stage fright and anxiety
  • changing undesired reactions and behaviour
  • negotiation skills
  • development of emotional intelligence
  • work on organizational skills

Contact us with trust!

The main standard and principle of our work is based on the trust between the client and the therapist and above all the principle of confidentiality and discretion.